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The Netherlands passes the baton to Luxembourg to become the 2017 hotspot for the circular economy
Initiated by Circle Economy last year, Luxembourg will be the first country to follow-up and exhibit the progress they have made over the past two years to become a circular hotspot.


Luxembourg is keen to showcase circularity in action by exhibiting the progress achieved over the past two years at the Luxembourg Circular Economy Hotspot 2017.
This major three-day event will offer a forum for debate, exchange, face-to-face meetings and networking for 200 delegates from Europe and beyond.
The circular economy is an important step forward for all of us. Therefore we are seeking greater participation from our economic and political allies from both the Greater Region and the entire Benelux union. Let’s make progress together.


From 20 to 22 June 2017, participants will hear from high-level government and industry leaders about how to turn challenges into opportunities by embracing the circular economy as a key lever for sustainable growth and profitability. The largest part of the programme, however, will be devoted to project and company visits that will give participants insight into Luxembourg’s circular innovations and demonstrate how enterprises and other stakeholders can be an engine for change.


A great venue in the ultimate location.

Conference presentations

          Stream 4 : Materials passports by D.Mulhall

          Stream 4: IAQ Solarwind by G. Wagner

          Stream 4: Earthship by K.Fox

          Stream 4: Building projects by C. Dejonghe

          Stream 4: Circular buildings by R. Poulles

          Stream 4: Pavilion Dubai by E. Petit











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