Stream 1 : Superdreckskëscht & Kiowatt S.A.

This stream offers a visit to the headquarters of the Superdreckskëscht, a key player in the area of recycling, waste disposal and prevention. The onsite visit will provide fascinating insight into the disposal process of some everyday household products, such as fridges, solvents and grease. You will also have the possibility to meet several other important players in the recycling domain.
Moreover, you will have the opportunity to explore the production site of Kiowatt, a company who is active in the production and distribution of energy from biomass plants and in the manufacturing of wood pellets. The visit will demonstrate how the site uses the vapour exhaust of the wood-recovery facility to reach an overall yield of 95% by serving different consumers with different heat requirements.

Stream 2 : Wiltz & Tarkett Lentzweiler

This stream offers the opportunity to go to the city of Wiltz, the communal Hot Spot for circular economy in Luxembourg. You will discover how Wiltz has set up original multi-sectoral pilot projects that engage the City, its citizens and the companies located in the Saalzbach industrial estate.
This stream will also take you near the northern commune of Clervaux to a visit of the Tarkett factory. Tarkett, a worldwide leader in innovative flooring solutions, applies cradle-to-cradle principles and has developed its own ReStart collection and recycling programmes while shifting towards circular economy. Tarkett’s “Green Tour” is an innovative approach offering an educational tour within an operational industrial plant. The visit’s objective is to showcase and highlight how Tarkett’s environmental responsibility extends beyond recycled and reused materials within the perspective of unlimited product life cycles.

Download the presentations:
The Climate Pact – MyEnergy Luxembourg
“Wunne mat der Wooltz” – Fonds du Logement
Co-creation of ecosystems in municipalities and industrial parks – Ville de Wiltz
A Common Ambition – Zone d’Activité Salzbaach

Stream 3 : IFSB & Neobuild

This stream will set its focus on circular construction, and innovative tools and opportunities for the construction industry. The session will take place at Neobuild, the first and only centre of technological innovation in sustainable construction in Luxembourg. Based on principles of circular design, you will discover eco-materials and innovative objects integrated in buildings and will have the opportunity to witness various phases in the lifecycle of a building from virtual planning tools to a greenhouse located on the roof of the building.

Stream 4 : Solarwind

This stream involves a visit to the Solarwind building, a flagship of sustainable construction in Luxembourg. Discover how the construction philosophy and the choice of materials impact the electricity, heat and water consumption, the quality of air and the general well-being of the staff.
“Buildings as material and component banks”: Join a conference discussing the valorisation of commodities and components and explore the question of how to keep the residual value high. You can also witness the experience of some implicated companies.