Call for SMEs project proposals

Access to finance and appropriate funding sources is essential to start a circular business or engage into the transition from a linear to a circular business model. The underlying principles of circular business cases are not widely known in the finance community yet and the financing of circular undertakings is often hampered by an assessement carried out according to criteria developed for a linear economy rather than the circular economy. Nevertheless, more and more pilot projects deliver reliable figures and more and more actors from the finance sector interested and building up the required know-how.

At the European Investment Bank, on Thursday 22th June, participants will learn about the tools to finance the circular economy.

In order to make this session as hands on as possible, the Luxembourg Circular Economy Hotspot organizers are looking for SMEs that are looking for financing and are willing to present their case and experiences to a panel of experts. The panel will in return provide advice and feedback and perhaps even offer a solution right away.

Who should apply?

  • SMEs with circular business models facing financial challenges for which they need advice and support.
  • SMEs seeking to develop an innovative product within a circular economy and having difficulties to access suitable sources of financing.

How apply ?

Provide a short summary in English (max. 2,000 characters) in order to:

  • Describe your company, summarise your business model and explains the financial challenges you are facing
  • Describe your financial needs and how you would like them to be adressed
  • Explain the difficulties you have met and share your experience

Please do not include any confidential information as you will be asked to present your case on stage if your application is accepted. All submitted documents will be compiled in a report and handed over to the EIB and the panel members. Your contribution will help buidling up a financial environement that is favourable to circular businesses.

Click here to download the Proposal template Word file

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Why apply ?

Out of these applications the most interesting cases will be selected and the company will be given the opportunity to present its case to the panel representing the financial value chain including financial service providers, advisors, banks, private equity, leasing experts and the EIB .This allows not only to showcase your business idea but also to discuss the business model and the related issues with experts from the financial industry and hopefully get free valuable advice on how to tackle the challenges.

When apply ?

The proposing party should submit its draft proposal through the online submission portal by 6 June 2017 and will be contacted if it is chosen to present the case on stage.

Thank you!